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In the Western Pennsylvania Laborers' Union, we specialize in distinct work classifications in the construction craft industry. When joining one of our local unions, you will have the option to choose your craft and build a career in Building, Site, Heavy, and Highway Construction.

Building & Site Construction

The Western PA Laborers' Union offers safer job sites and greater opportunities for individuals searching for a career in the construction industry.


Our Building and Site Construction Professionals are well trained in: 

  1. Scaffold Building

  2. Tube and Clamp Scaffold

  3. Systems Scaffold

  4. Building Frame Scaffold 

  5. Stocking Masonry Materials

  6. Estimating Masonry Materials

  7. Mortar, Admixtures, and Grout

  8. Reinforced Masonry Construction

  9. Bracing Masonry Walls

  10. Forklift Operation

  11. Rigging and Signaling

  12. Environmental Remediation

building and construction worker in Pittsburgh, PA
Rod Tying laborer for the W. PA. Laborers' Union. Become a member today.

Heavy & Highway Construction

Our Heavy and Highway Construction Professionals build the infrastructure of Western Pennsylvania, working on roads, bridges, transportation hubs, locks, dams, treatment facilities, and more.

Our Heavy and Highway Construction Professionals are well trained in: 

  1. Patching, placing, paving, and repairing asphalt.

  2. Maintaining electronic grade and slope control.

  3. Performing line and grade hand signals and GPS setup.

  4. Demonstrating elevation control measuring techniques.

  5. Station transportation set up and transport.

  6. Traffic control and flagging.

  7. Environmental remediation

  8. Line and grade

  9. Concrete placement

  10. Reinforced steel placement

  11. Pipeline construction - natural gas, water & more

A W. PA Laborers' Union worker looking over the city of Pittsburgh

Who We Are

About The Laborers' Union of W. PA

The Laborers' International Union of North America - is the most progressive, aggressive, and fastest growing union of construction workers and public sector employees, LiUNA members are on the forefront of the construction industry - a sector that is a powerhouse of 12 million workers producing over 5% of our countries economic output.


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$1B +

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Philip Ameris

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We train Construction Craft Laborers in the many different career opportunities available as members. After learning the basics, an apprentice can move on to training in these areas of concentration:

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